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Core Values



Creativity & Innovation



Our Core Values


Our Core Values

Creativity and Innovation

Our Core Values


Our Core Values


ROSATI FRAGRANCES (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of a Harare-based Zimbabwean company called ROSATI AFRICA (Pvt) Ltd, registered in terms of the Zimbabwean Companies Act CHAPTER 24:03 under Certificate of Incorporation Number 4555/2020.

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marketing and selling model

Rosati fragrances are oil based perfumes from france with a long lasting scent of 48hrs. The firm is a cosmetics establishment which introduced a “no-capital-to-start” marketing and selling model, which has championed economic empowerment at grassroots levels.

What does the company do to promote enteprenurship

Rosati Fragrances sells perfumes to agents at zero deposit and allows them to go sell and pay the company after sales

What is needed to be a Rosati Fragrances Agent

The requirements that as follows:

  • National ID
  • Proof of residence
  • ID of guarantor
  • 5USD joining fee
  • NB:Bag and testers are given for free to all ne agents

    What happens when I get my stock

    One is given these perfumes upon joining and a period of one month to sell. The agent then pays only $40 to the company and keeps the rest, that is, if one takes 10 bottles you get your receipt.

    Depending on your market you can get more eg

    Say you get 10 bottles and sell at $10 you get $100 and you only pay back $40 to company and keep $60
    You take $40 to company and keep $60

    What other Benefits are involved

    Here is the good news you get paid 5rand for every bottle sold by new member that joins and become Rosati agent eg if this new member sells 50 bottles you knw automatically you have 250 Rand as easy as that

    Within just 12 months,


    has reached out to more than 2500 agents throughout Zimbabwe, proving that it is not merely a cosmetics company, but a conduit to financial freedom for many a financially incapacitated lot. With its wide footprint of 13 branches in different towns and cities so far, Rosati’s growth trajectory is a real marvel

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    Our Products and services

    men's perfumes

    For Him

    a. Tom Ford
    b. Dunhill Blue
    c. One Million Strong
    d. Bleu De Channel
    e. Lacoste
    f. Armani Code
    g. Amani Code
    h. Tsar
    i. Invictus
    j. Diesel
    k. Boss for Men
    l. Sauvage Dior
    m. English Blazer
    n. Versace Eros
    o. Amen
    p. 212 VIP
    q. M7
    r. Guilty Black
    s. Issey Miyake
    t. Polo
    u. Gucci Guilty
    v. Man in Black
    w. Aventus
    x Ferrari Black
    y. The One DG

    Women's perfumes

    For Her

    b.Channel 05
    d.5 th Avenue
    e. SI
    f.Flower Bomb
    g.Dahlia Divine
    h. Synoptic Poison
    i. Jadore
    j. Boss Orange
    k.Be Delicious
    l. Black Opium
    m. Copella
    n. Pink Friday
    o. Red Door
    p.Far Away
    s. Coco Madame
    u. Pleasures
    v. Olympea
    w. Lady Million
    x. Avie Est Belle
    y. Ry Irresistible


    •   Head Office:
                Suites 8 & 9 Stand No. 169 2nd Kings Street
                Kwekwe Zimbabwe
    •   Harare Branch:
                Suite 238 Chester House Cnr 3rd and Speke
                Harare Zimbabwe
    •  +263773 366 637

    Working hours

    Monday – Saturday:  08AM – 05PM


    To empower all races, genders and ages via our platform which gives them an opportunity to use our products and/or sell them as middlemen


    To be the leading cosmetic authority, offering the best marketing and distribution plans of top quality cosmetic products at affordable prices.